Club Membership

In accordance with its Constitution, it is the Club’s primary objective to promote and encourage the participation in sport, particularly Rugby Union, of adults and young people of Mountain Ash and its surrounding area.

The Management Committee would take this opportunity of re-stating another important aspect of its Constitution, that of membership. It is important to state, and to remind every user of this Clubhouse, that the “The Club” consists of the Officers, the Management Committee, its Trustees and the Members. Membership of the Club is achieved by the payment, on an annual basis, of the amount of  contributions declared appropriate at the time by the Management Committee. Therefore, if you do not pay membership fees, you are not a member.

Again, to reiterate the relevant clause of the Constitution, membership of the Club shall be open to all the community and without discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, sex, age or disability. In accepting membership, all persons agree to abide by the Constitution of the Club and the rulings of the Management Committee. 

The Club has been able to maintain over-the-bar prices at the same levels since 2010 and, over the same period, has also embarked on a vigorous programme of refurbishment. This is consequent upon not only sound financial management, but also attributable to the loyal patronage of those that use the Clubhouse. The Club aims to continue the policy of providing members with the best value for money, but, in order to do this, we must maximize the revenue gleaned by the paying of membership fees. 

The Club’s Management Committee would ask that membership fees are paid by all those who wish to consider themselves as members of the Club. Fees can be paid either directly to the Contributions Secretary, Mr Jeff Mayo, or can be left behind the bar with the Stewardess in an envelope marked for the attention of the Contributions Secretary. The club have also introduced the ability to pay online using the links below. 

Thank You on behalf of the management committee.


Remember to complete the form with you name and contact address along with fee, then you can benefit from :-

  • Cheapest drinks in the area
  • Live sports available at the club with SKY SPORTS and BT SPORTS
  • Warm welcome and quality rugby available at all age groups

The club`s management committee, bearing in mind the hard economic climate, have again decided to keep this year’s membership fees to the same low costs as last year.

£10 Member and partner
£6 Member
£2 OAP

OAP : Gentlemen its 65 and Ladies 62